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SAFEE Security of Aircraft
in the Future European Environment

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About Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment


The SAFEE IP is a large integrated project designed to restore full confidence in the air transport industry. The overall vision for SAFEE is the construction of advanced aircraft security systems designed to prevent onboard threats. The main goal of these systems is to ensure a fully secure flight from departure to arrival destination whatever the identified threats are.

Project Objectives

The project baseline is past experience, which has demonstrated that hostile persons may go through the different airport controls and security measures, access an aircraft, and even initiate hostile actions. There is therefore a need to secure the aircraft itself as the last barrier to attacks. The project is focused on the implementation of onboard threat detection systems and the provision of reliable threat information to the flight crew. In the decision making and response management process, secured air/ground exchange of threat level information is foreseen. SAFEE also anticipates the future use of the European Regional Renegade Information Dissemination System (ERRIDS) by all organizations involved in response to acts of unlawful interference on-board aircraft.

One of the short term goals of SAFEE is to influence security bodies at National level, at European level (proposal to EU directive 23 20 and to ECAC Doc 30) and at world level (proposal to Annex 17 of ICAO-OACI).

Project Partners

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